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TACIT: Caltech Players Student Director Showcase

Friday, December 4, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Ramo Auditorium

TACIT (Theater Arts at the California Institute of Technology) presents staged readings of excerpts of three new plays, two of them written by Caltech students!

Admission is free, open to the public, and no tickets are required.

Faustus Revisted

written by Mark Kozlowski
directed by Kathryn Bikle
starring (in order of appearance):

Matteo Ronchi as Jack Faustus
Penelope Chan as Trish/Good Angel
Heather Curtis as Charlie/Bad Angel
Teagan Wall as Mephistopheles

A modern take on Christopher Marlowe's classic play, Dr. Faustus. Jack Faustus is an ambitious graduate student frustrated by what he perceives as his lack of accomplishment. Despite the reassurances of his lab-mates Trish and Charlie, Faustus is convinced he will never amount to least, not without supernatural intervention. After a brief literature search, Faustus finds a spell to summon the devil, offering his soul in return for complete knowledge of the world around him. The drawbacks of the arrangement only slowly begin to dawn on him.


written by Paula Cizmar
directed by Brian Brophy

Carrie Ancker as Alice
Christopher Atkins as Everett
Lydia Kivrak as Lily

A play about water, climate change, and the American West. Set in 1903 and the present, Chisera takes place in and around the town of Lone Pine in the Eastern Sierra, weaving together the story of a present-day geologist and the past, in which early 20th-century environmental writer Mary Hunter Austin tries to awaken those around her to the cycles of drought and the potential devastation of the land. In the past: Mary wages war against Mulholland and cronies as they try to pull off their engineering feat‹stealing the Owens Valley water to create the modern City of Angels. In the present, Alice, a geologist plagued by loss, struggles with a crucial assignment for a project that may threaten the already tenuous ecosystem. Not only does Alice have to balance the desires of clients versus the realities of eco-devastation, she also faces off with her estranged teenaged daughter and the lawyer for the local band of Paiute, whose land will be threatened by her work. The borders of the desert and the boundaries of past and present blur as the characters come to terms with integrity, memory, and the fate of the earth.

The Heart of the Stars

a screenplay-playscript on the life of Subrhamanyan Chandrasekhar, the famous South Indian astrophysicist and Nobel winner
written by Manan Arya, Utkarsh Mital and Brian Brophy

This 20-minute presentation is a work in progress. It covers significant turning points of Chandresakhar's life, including his confrontation with Sir Eddington at Cambridge, his meeting with Heisenberg, his life as a sensitive genius, and so much more. We will present a few scenes, slides, etc. to tell this tale and engage the audience in our first attempt at capturing his story for the stage/screen.

For further information, please call the Caltech Office for Performing and Visual Arts at (626) 395-3295.

Presented By: Caltech Performing and Visual Arts

Series: Student Group Performances
For more information, please phone (626) 395-4652 or email

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