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MACH33 Audition Information

Auditions are Monday, March 24 1-5pm
TACIT House, 275 S. Hill St. in Pasadena

We have some really exciting news! We have forged a new, ongoing relationship with the Pasadena Playhouse! Two of our productions will be on their mainstage this year, and the third will be in Ramo. We have three professional directors, including our own Brian Brophy, and three amazing plays written by Los Angeles-area playwrights. See plays, dates, and directors below.

We will post sides on the webpage this week. For now, save the date and make plans to be here!


  1. Email
  2. Tell her if you need a particular time slot this Saturday.
  3. Check back when we have sides and characters posted on this webpage and become familiar with a scene that is appropriate for you. (You don't have to memorize.)
  4. Tell her if there is a play you can not be in because of time constraints.

See you soon!


Theory of Nothing
by Lolly Ward, directed by Nike Doukas
Monday April 30, 8pm
Pasadena Playhouse Mainstage 

If Marie Curie stopped by your tree house, would you let her in? Tough-as-nails physicist Brit and sculptor Chuck Swanson are the parents to Max, a condensed matter physicist, and Sugar, a designer, who return to their childhood home to pack up the house on the eve of their parents' divorce. But when the characters reveal shocking truths about themselves, the entire family is forced to confront questions of honesty, allegiance, and madness.

Out There Right Here 
by Anna Nicholas, directed Brian Brophy
Monday May 7, 8pm
Pasadena Playhouse Mainstage

It’s Autumn, the Santa Anas are blowing, and L.A. is on fire again. Jasper Molloy is an aging Apollo astronaut diagnosed with Alzheimer's who has been stashing Oxycontin in the bookshelves until the day he has enough to off himself. Daughter Lucie used to be an archeologist until her son was killed by a philandering neighbor's pool man and she found the Lord; while son Hubble is a SETI researcher and Atheist who spends his days searching for life in the multiverse. Then in walks Randy, a contractor Lucie meets online, who shakes things up with his open heart and mind. OUT THERE RIGHT HERE takes place at the intersection of science and faith, and asks, “What does it mean to believe in anything?”

Lie After Lie After Lie
by Stephen Diekes, directed Susan Dalian
Monday May 14, 8pm
Caltech's Ramo Auditorium

In the late 1840s, before the age of Pasteur and Lister and the knowledge of sepsis, a Hungarian obstetrician named Ignaz Semmelweis found that the simple expedient of hand-washing could help physicians reduce maternal death by up to 90 percent. His discovery was rejected by his superiors — indeed by the whole western world — and he went mad. Lie After Lie After Lie is about science denial, male power over women's bodies, and the backwardness of living in a post-truth world.