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MACH33 Audition Information

Auditions are Monday, March 6, 6-9pm
TACIT house, 275 S. Hill St.

Look at the dates of the plays; look at the play and character descriptions; and choose a play (or plays) that you’d like to audition for. Choose the character(s) you are interested in.

Look at the sides - these are short scenes - and print out the ones for your character(s). Get to know the scene! Think about the character. What is your character’s goal in the scene? What does he/she want? What are the verbs (not feelings) your character wants to accomplish in the scene? You do not have to memorize the scene. Highlight your character's lines, work on it, and bring your sides into the audition. There will be extra sides available, and we may ask you to practice for another role that evening. You will find a partner and practice your scenes while you are waiting to be called.

Arrive at 6pm to fill out the actor information sheet and to find a partner to rehearse with. We will also take a picture of you when you arrive so the directors get to know you better. If you need to leave at a particular time, please tell the stage managers and they can schedule you at an earlier time. If you can't arrive till later, please email Arden at 


Vavilov’s Garden

by Mark Eckerd, directed by Joshua Wolf Coleman
Staged Reading (script-in-hand, limited blocking)
performance: Earth Day, April 22, 7pm in Ramo Auditorium


In the 1920s and 30s, the renowned Russian botanist Nikolai Vavilov traveled the globe gathering specimens and studying the techniques of traditional farmers. The seed collection he built at the Institute of Plant Industry in Leningrad is the envy of the world. But Stalin's growing support for a pseudo-science called Lysenkoism and the coming Nazi invasion threaten to destroy Vavilov and everything he has created. Winter, 1941. A year has passed since Vavilov's sudden disappearance. Deep in underground vaults, as war rages above them, a group of his colleagues risk their lives and sanity to protect the seed collection and Vavilov’s reputation. Isolated and slowly starving, they are confronted with profound questions of conscience and survival.

Vavilov's Garden explores the collision of science and ideology, greed and sacrifice, in a fragile world teetering on the precipice.

Cast of Characters (4 male, 3 female)

  • Professor (Dmitri): A man around 50; group leader
  • Anna: A woman in her early 20s; research assistant
  • Elena (Dr. Ivanova): A woman around 35; scientist
  • Dr. Grivov (Filip): A man around 70; scientist
  • Pasha: A man in his early 20s; handyman/caretaker
  • Sonya (Dr. Mishkina): A woman around 40; scientist
  • Major Tikhvin: A man in his mid-30s; political liaison


Faustus, PhD

by Mark Kozlowski, directed by Randee Trabitz
Fully staged production with 5-6 weeks of rehearsal
performance: May 5, 6, 7 in Ramo Auditorium 


Jack Faustus is a struggling third-year graduate student, frustrated by his lack of accomplishment. He decides to make a deal with the Devil: 24 years of knowing exactly which experiments to run, and how to run them, in exchange for his soul. Faustus soon begins to regret the deal, but will he find redemption or at least a way out? This play examines graduate school and academic research through a tragicomic lens, as well as romance, loyalty, and the price of ambition.

Cast of Characters 

  • Johann (Jack) FAUSTUS: An ambitious third-year graduate student frustrated by what he believes is his lack of accomplishment. Later, a distinguished professor at the Wittenberg Institute of Technology (WIT)
  • TRISH: A fifth-year graduate student, and Faustus’ officemate. Tough as nails, but ultimately optimistic and sympathetic to the challenges faced by younger students.
  • CHARLIE: Faustus’ other officemate. A jocular and cynical fifth-year graduate student who has resigned himself to the frustrations of doctoral research.
  • MEPHISTOPHELES: Post-doctoral assistant to Lucifer, an ardent feminist frustrated by having to work for a misogynist despite Hell being an equal-opportunity employer.
  • GOOD ANGEL and BAD ANGEL: Physical manifestations of two sides of Faustus' personality, and his internal dialogue partners.
  • J. Montague Haversham IV, PRESIDENT OF WIT: Good-natured in his sense of superiority, and proud to lead a proud institution.
  • HELEN Faustus, nee Papadopoulos: Sweetheart and later wife of Jack Faustus. A chemical engineer.
  • LUCIFER: The Devil Himself. Bears a striking resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard.
  • JACKIE, SAM, PATRICK and JOAN: Graduate students working for Dr. Faustus.



Somber Science

by Matilde Marcolli (Professor of Mathematics at Caltech)
directed by Brian Brophy (Head of Theater Arts Caltech)
performance: Sunday April 30, 5pm (workshop reading, script-in-hand, limited blocking)

Use sides for Vavilov's Garden (see note on Cast of Characters below). 

Aurora Apolito is a theoretical physicist and mathematician working at a research institute in Germany. Her graduate assistant, Hamid al-Nashi, is a graduate student from Baghdad who escapes bombings at his university to travel to Germany to work with Dr. Apolito. The head of Aurora's department, however, is a swaggering, self-aggrandizing know-it-all who ultimately taunts and torments her until she escapes to California, leaving the fate of al-Nashi in jeopardy.

Somber Science is a timely play about the difficult alchemy of scientific collaboration and mentoring, the pitfalls of narcissism, and the beauty of science. 

Cast of Characters

There are so many characters we won’t be auditioning for each of them! Each actor will play multiple roles. This is a work-in-progress so we won’t put the sides up here for this play. Choose sides that you like from the other two plays (preferably Vavilov's Garden), audition with them, and we will cast you in the roles we need filled. You'll indicate your preference of plays on the form you fill out when you arrive.