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MACH 33: "The Last Flight of the Mercenary"

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by Karen Howes
Special Alumni Weekend event!

  • Performance Date: May 16, 2015

A romantic comedy of science and love.

At a bed and breakfast perched above the Saanich Inlet in British Columbia, a young woman’s plan to marry the perfect man is thrown off course when a physics professor constructs a time machine so that she may alter the circumstances of her future and discover what went wrong in her life. This is a play of science and love, Shakespeare, nights without stars, and the latest in quantum information theory.

Written works by Karen Howes include credits in television, documentary and stage. She is currently a member of Skylight Theater's PlayLab development group in Beverly Hills. As a journalist, Karen has written hundreds of magazine features on science and technology, which have been published throughout the world and translated into numerous languages.

Director Kathryn Bikle is well-known at Caltech for directing plays such as Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw and The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Science mentor Aidan Chatwin-Davies is a PhD student at Caltech in the Particle Theory Group where he works on problems where gravity, quantum information, and cosmology intersect. Aidan is particularly interested in the quantum nature of spacetime and what we can learn about fundamental physics from cosmology.