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Somber Science

by Matilde Marcolli
directed by Brian Brophy

Tickets at the door; Suggested donation to Theater Arts Caltech $5

  • Sunday April 30, 5:00 p.m.
  • TACIT House, 275 S. Hill Ave, Pasadena, CA

Aurora Apolito is a theoretical physicist and mathematician working at a research institute in Germany. Her graduate assistant, Hamid al-Nashi, is a graduate student from Baghdad who escapes bombings at his university to travel to Germany to work with Dr. Apolito. The head of Aurora's department, however, is a swaggering, self-aggrandizing know-it-all who ultimately taunts and torments her until she escapes to California, leaving the fate of al-Nashi in jeopardy. Somber Science is a timely play about the difficult alchemy of scientific collaboration and mentoring, the pitfalls of narcissism, and the beauty of science.