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EARTH DATA / THE MUSICAL premieres this fall! Caltech Theater brings this new, original science-driven musical to life, as part of JPL's "Blended Worlds" for the Getty's Pacific Standard Time Festival "Art and Science Collide".


This musical is about a young woman, Mab, and her uncle, JJ: scientists working to understand the changing climate and its effects. As they pursue their research and learn to understand one another, they face off against the Balsurab energy corporation. When Mab's groundbreaking research implicates Balsurab, she is called before Congress to testify about climate change and defend her laboratory's crucial work, testing her convictions.

This new musical seeks to show the realities of climate scientists and the struggles and joys of conducting their vital research. It is a story about coming together to fight for change and survival, standing up for what one believes in, and celebrating science as a human endeavor.

Welcome! Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT) is many things:

  • It's a family of dedicated, creative, passionate individuals.
  • It's a learning environment in both formal and informal ways, from both instructors, their peers, and JPLers.
  • It's a showcase for playwrights, via MACH 33: The Festival of New Science-Driven Plays.
  • It's a window into the lives of Caltech scholars and researchers. Participants in Storytelling for Scientists reveal their research journeys, and their personal journeys, opening windows through which audience members see what makes a human a scientist...and are reminded that scientists are human. Here are some examples.
  • It's drama. It's comedy. It's an escape...for audience members and for the cast and crew.

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