The Sunrise from the Moon

Coming soon in April 2023!!! Imagine future Moon missions with humans populating the lunar terrain as an extension of NASA's successful Artemis twenty years into the future. In Manikowski’s play The Sunrise from the Moon, NASA's first lunar colony Montgomery suffers a tragic collapse that leads to a national defunding of lunar colonization programs. However, one human survives. Annaliese a 25 year old woman born on the Moon is rescued and returns to earth. Then things get complicated with competing agendas from her NASA investigators, to Charlie the aquarium custodian where Annaliese is housed to the Reporter looking for the exclusive. It is also a love story and probes the complexity of the human condition.

Welcome! Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT) is many things:

  • It's a family of dedicated, creative, passionate individuals.
  • It's a learning environment in both formal and informal ways, from both instructors, their peers, and JPLers.
  • It's a showcase for playwrights, via MACH 33: The Festival of New Science-Driven Plays.
  • It's a window into the lives of Caltech scholars and researchers. Participants in Storytelling for Scientists reveal their research journeys, and their personal journeys, opening windows through which audience members see what makes a human a scientist...and are reminded that scientists are human. Here are some examples.
  • It's drama. It's comedy. It's an escape...for audience members and for the cast and crew.

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From the Earth to the Moon

From the writers of the record-breaking Caltech musical Boldly Go! comes a fresh new science fiction musical based on the Jules Verne classic written in 1865. Gauntlets are thrown, headlines made, duels waged, and alliances put to the test in this dynamic imagining of spaceflight in the late nineteenth century directed by Brian Brophy.