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The Sunrise from the Moon

Theater Arts in Caltech, directed by Brian Brophy, presented "The Sunrise from the Moon."


Imagine future space missions with humans populating the lunar terrain. In Manikowski's play, NASA's first lunar colony Montgomery suffers a tragic collapse, but one human survives: Annaliese, a 25-year-old woman born on the Moon, with ten of those years spent alone. Following her discovery, Annaliese is rescued and returned to Earth, where — alongside her own pained search for identity — she is caught in the crosshairs of competing agendas between NASA investigators. Featuring an eclectic cast of characters and satisfying moments of surprise, this sleek drama is also a love story that probes the complexity of the human condition.

Cast & Crew

  • Playwright: Hannah Manikowski
  • Director: Brian Brophy
  • Producer: Carolyn Arnold
  • Art Director: Barbie Insua
  • Stage Manager: Daria Davidoff
  • Technomancer: Veronica Mullins
  • Costumer Designer: Linda Muggeridge
  • Lighting Designer: Matt Perelman
  • Video Artist: Sullivan Braun
  • Graphic Animator: Richard Barkus
  • Publicity/Operations Manager: Hyesung Park
  • Running Crew: Marisa Langley/Reggy Granowsky/Cellie Cap