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NOW PLAYING — Burst: A Radio Play
written by Rachel Bublitz


Unfolding in real time, this fast-paced, character-oriented drama deftly explores gender politics and issues of environmentalism, industry, and ambition through a nuanced portrait of a woman determined to save the world.

Silicon Valley wunderkind Sarah Boyd has a big night ahead of her. Her start-up, Tactix, is ready to announce a revolutionary new polymer that will drastically reduce plastic waste across the globe. But at the eleventh hour, Sarah faces a bevy of unexpected problems: a missing assistant, an unwelcome reporter, and unrelenting ethical concerns from her cautious CTO (and longtime friend), Jennifer Weaver.

Tenacious and charismatic, Sarah is unfazed by the mounting complications­—but will her passionate determination be enough to silence the doubters, especially when her relationships, her company, and the health of the planet itself are at stake?


  • Kimberly Alexander as Sarah Boyd
  • Lea Madda as Jennifer Weaver
  • Sawyer Fuller as Alexis Lyons

Brian Brophy, TACIT director - producer
Miranda Stewart - director
Aidan Fenwick-  science advisor
Gina Marie Napolitan - sound editing
Erick Ferguson, Dwayne Miles & Mohammed Sharabi - Beckman Auditorium production staff
Additional production support provided by Caltech Academic Media Technologies




Theater Arts at Caltech, familiarly known as "TACIT," typically prepares and performs two or three plays each academic year. Recent productions include She Kills Monsters, Avenue Q, Rent, Company and many original projects.

Members of the Caltech community have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the theatrical craft—acting, stage crew, set construction, wardrobe, light and sound operation, properties, house management, and publicity—and to work with professionals in areas of theater design: sets, light, sound, costume, and music. This is a hands-on approach, not classroom theory. It also provides an appreciation of the theatrical literature and exposure to the literature of many languages (in translation).

TACIT was founded in the mid-1980's by a group of enthusiastic students and director Shirley Marneus. For many years Shirley provided strong artistic and practical leadership, and many of her students went on to careers in the arts, despite Caltech's focus on science and technology. After her retirement in 2007, Caltech appointed Brian Brophy as director of TACIT.