Welcome! Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT) is many things:

  • It's a family of dedicated, creative, passionate individuals (just like Caltech as a whole).
  • It's a learning environment, where those who participate learn in both formal and informal ways, from both instructors and their peers (again, just like Caltech as a whole).
  • It's a window into the lives of Caltech scholars and researchers. Participants in Storytelling for Scientists reveal their research journeys, and their personal journeys, opening windows through which audience members see what makes a human a scientist...and are reminded that scientists are human.
  • It's a showcase for playwrights, via MACH 33: The Festival of New Science-Driven Plays.
  • It's drama. It's comedy. It's an escape...for audience members and for the cast and crew.

Join us! Sign up for our email list, sign up to participate, attend our performances.

Coming in 2020-2021

Saturday, October 3, students and our TACIT community will assemble to explore opportunities for them to get involved with new projects to keep connected to others in this most strange time. 

Throughout the year, we'll be doing play readings of works chosen from MACH 33 submissions.

The New Galileos by Amy Berryman will be this season's main stage production. Look for it in February 2021.

We'll be doing a musical theater workshop based on Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, by Grant and Cole Remmen (who brought us the Star Trek parody Boldly Go!) in Winter 2021.

... and more, including final presentations each term of Storytelling for Scientists. Stay tuned!