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Theater Arts Classes

Three different theater arts classes, taught by Theater Arts Director Brian Brophy and occasional guest artists, are offered throughout the academic year.

Theater Production

This class is a hands-on, practical immersion in the making of a new production, with instruction and application in all phases of theatrical production. Students learn and practice stage combat, costume construction, scenic arts, light/sound/set design, acting, directing, stage management, and set construction. With an emphasis on understanding dramatic structure, production values, and problem solving, the academic value of this material is drawn from 3,000 years of worldwide dramatic literature.

Storytelling for Scientists

To be effective leaders and communicators, scientists need to explain/perform their science. Through a series of writing exercises, performance/vocal techniques with new media, students explore/write and perform new narratives for the ever-changing 21st century global landscape. The final class culminates in original stories recorded in front of a live audience.

Improvisation for Scientists

This class is taught sequentially over the academic year. It begins with rudimentary improvisation techniques, and continues in the winter/spring with professional improvisation guidance, long form improvisation, and advanced techniques with monthly public performances

For information regarding current availability of courses, units, etc. please see the list of Performing and Visual Arts classes on the Caltech Catalog website.